What is CandidateOne?

CandidateOne is the best way for companies to send job proposals to potential candidates.

Traditional methods of outbound recruiting leave a lot to be desired from the candidates perspective. For example, unstructured messages to a candidate's email inbox make it difficult to manage and compare job proposals and can be spammy. By acknowledging that high demand candidates may be receiving many job proposals, CandidateOne is designed to provide a better outbound recruiting experience for candidates to glean market insights, at-a-glance views of companies that have recruited them, and peace of mind from being able to control their job proposal notification preferences and thus decluttering their email inbox.

Making a better candidate experience should ultimately be good for companies and recruiters, however there are advantages for recruiters to use CandidateOne as well. For example, with CandidateOne, it is much easier for candidates to track their job proposals therefore your outreach no longer gets drowned out in a candidates' email inbox. Read more about the motivation behind CandidateOne.

I'm a passive candidate and not looking for a job, why would I sign up?

If you are happy with how outbound recruiting happens today, or you don't receive a lot of recruiter messaging, then CandidateOne may not be right for you.

Otherwise CandidateOne is explicitly designed for passive candidates. By signing up you are not necessarily indicating that you are looking for a job, CandidateOne is merely giving you tools to better help you manage the job proposals you already receive.

Do you work with companies directly?

Currently candidates must direct recruiters here themselves, for example by dispalying a link on their LinkedIn profile or similar. There is no search capabilities for recruiters to find candidates within CandidateOne, however this could eventually change.

Can recruiters send job proposals for companies they don't work at?

Yes -- naturally any third party recruiters don't work at the companies they are recruiting for, and CandidateOne's is intended be able to field any recruiter messages a candidate receives, including third party recruiters. When adding a new job, recruiters can choose which company the job is for

How much does CandidateOne cost?

CandidateOne is completely free for candidates to use.

For recruiters, there is a free tier along with a paid tier. You can view pricing details on the employer page.

Who can I contact for help?

You can reach out through the live chat widget or via email at support@candidateone.io

Is there some big company behind this?

Nope, this is a one person show. After 4 years at my prior company, I was looking for what to do next. I started looking through the hundreds of job proposals I had received in my email / LinkedIn while I was happily employed, and realized it would be much better if I had a dedicated dashboard to view these, and that's how CandidateOne was born.

How was CandidateOne built?

CandidateOne is built with Next.js/React on the frontend, and is a Prisma GraphQL Node app on the backend. The app is ultimately hosted in AWS via a combination of ZEIT's now and Heroku.

I signed up but I'm still receiving some job proposals over LinkedIn or email. What can I do?

For any places where you'd display your contact information, e.g. your personal site or on your LinkedIn profile, I'd recommend mentioning that you manage your job proposals via CandidateOne. Personally, I put this in the About section on my LinkedIn profile, but you could go so far as to put it in your headline.

Recruiters may still have your information in their own databases or may overlook your message and try to contact you via other platforms anyway. If they have your email there's not much you can do other then responding to them manually. On LinkedIn I recommend disabling sponsored InMail. Instructions:

  1. Go to your Profile
  2. Go to Settings & Privacy
  3. Go to the Communications tab
  4. Toggle off the section Allow LinkedIn partners to show you Sponsored InMail