A better way to do outbound recruiting

CandidateOne is a platform designed to improve the impact and efficiency of recruiter outreach by providing a candidate-first experience.

More meaningful outreach

The best candidates are receiving many job proposals. CandidateOne helps candidates manage these proposals, so a single job proposal sent via CandidateOne provides more information and stays relevant to the candidate longer, thus increasing the impact of your outreach.

Help candidates help you

By providing more information up front in a structured format, it makes it easier for the candidate to compare across other job proposals and keep track of which companies are interested in them.
An email inbox is not ideal to field many job proposals

Don't lose candidates due to a cluttered email inbox

As high demand candidates receive more and more job proposals, an email inbox can be difficult to manage and more likely for job proposals to get lost. Especially if they are passive candidates who have less incentive to respond immediately, it is easy for your job proposal to get drowned out.

Add a job once, send it to any candidates you'd like

When sending a job proposal to a candidate, you can use your already created job to minimize writing the same data over and over, and manage the status of each job proposal within CandidateOne.



Number of jobs


Number of job proposals

10 lifetime

Price per job proposal


$0.00 / month


Number of jobs


Number of job proposals

30 / month

Price per job proposal


$48.00 / month